Music Found in Online Games

If you're a fan of online gaming, you probably have noticed that most have background music. The sounds add to the ambience of the game and help you to immerse yourself in play. This post looks at the methodology behind the different types of music you can find in games online.

Music in the Online Entertainment Industry

Various forms of online entertainment use music to enhance the user's experience. Video games, online gambling, streamed movies and YouTube tutorials, all include music to set the tone.

Why Use Music?

The main reason for this is that when you stimulate more of your senses, you become more engaged. The audio communicates emotions without needing words. It's also a great way to introduce themes or indicate a change of pace in the scene or application.

Music Sets the Tone

Different types of music convey various messages. An upbeat melody is associated with positive feelings that invoke joy and excitement. Slower tunes usually imply sadness and despair. Some sounds also create feelings of suspense or mystery.

Online Slots and Music

Slots usually have a soundtrack suited to their location or theme. An Asian dragon game may have Eastern style audio. The aim is to make gameplay feel authentic. Games need to keep players captivated.

The medley incorporated has a key role. The melody must be enjoyable and engaging. Some sounds become annoying when played repeatedly. This will ward off players and the online slot will lose its appeal. Some popular casino game themes include:

  • Animals
  • Adventure
  • Mythology
  • Horror/action
  • Music

Slot Genres and Themes

This section briefly discusses the connection between themes and the music that accompanies it. Why we chose slots as main focus? Simple - there are so many variations compared to racing games or MMORPG´s or FPS games. 


Drumbeats and natural sounds are prevalent in such games. They also tend to have medleys based on the geographical location of the featured icon. They also incorporate traditional African genres into such online slots.


To create the right frame of mind, adventure games typically have moderately paced beats with a mid-level pace. The melodies are quirky, catchy and fun to listen to.


This theme goes well with medieval harmonies and wind instrument compilations that seem to thrust you back in time.


Tunes with an increased tempo and lower notes have a suspenseful impact on the viewer. You find high-pitched melodies or songs with minor chords in such slots.

Music Slots

This theme is diverse. It has several genres and music-related options. Examples include:

  • Decade-specific games
  • Country
  • Rock ‘n roll
  • Pop
  • Artist-based slots
  • Hip-hop
  • Karaoke

Decade-specific Games

These games have a particular era as the central theme. Slots based around the 70s or 80s will play songs that were prominent in that decade, like disco.


Country stars are also sometimes featured on slots and play well-known melodies in the background. Some singers from this genre even have their line of casino games.

Rock' n Roll

Celebrities like Jimi Hendricks and Elvis Presley were pioneers in rock' n roll. Several slots on online casinos use their best hits during gameplay.


Often referred to as commercial music, pop is well-loved by most people. It sets a positive tone and its feel-good vibes are ideal for online gambling.


When naming a slot after a particular singer or band, they choose their chart-toppers to provide audio for the game.


Hip-hop themed slots are popular with younger crowds. Popular beats provide added entertainment while gambling.


Slots of this nature feature a range of ballads across several genres. To entice players, they use familiar favourites.


A game with enjoyable music, makes the player feel more at ease, and they're more likely to play again. Up-tempo compilations are the most common.

The type of medley a game plays has an impact on your mood and your level of immersion. Having the appropriate audio type greatly contributes to the success of the game.

20 Feb 2021